Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make-Up FAQ's

Q: What is Permanent Make-up?

A: Permanent Make-up is a form of cosmetic tattoo. Extremely tiny amounts of natural pigments are inserted into dermal layer of the skin. The result is “Permanent Makeup”----a desired cosmetic effect that last for years.



Q: Who is the candidate for Permanent Make-up?

A: Men and women who want to look their best all the time. Permanent Makeup is perfect for busy people who don't want to spend too much time each day applying makeup; for people who have light, sparse or half eyebrows; for people who have sensitive eyes or sparse lashes; for people who are physically active or who have oily skin that sheds makeup easily; and for those who have lost their dexterity. Alopecia sufferers can benefit from the application of Permanent Makeup.


 Q: May I choose the color and shape?

A: Absolutely! In fact, nothing is done without your approval. First, we work with you to design the most attractive style and shape based on your facial features and personal preference. Then, individualized color is mixed according to your skin tone. We have a large variety of colors from which all different shades of colors can be mixed.

Q: How long does it last?
A: There have been reports of permanent cosmetics staying on 10+ years. With the technology improving, along with better formulations of pigments, some applications may last even longer. Some individuals may need a touch up in 5 to 10 years because of the color softening. Over a period of time, all permanent cosmetics will oxidize or fade as will any traditional tattoo. Clients can use a waterproof sun block daily to maximize color retention. Unfortunately all permanent makeup will fade from exposure to the sun. The better your skin care regime is, the longer your permanent makeup will last. 

Q: Is It Painful?
A: Topical anesthetic ointment is very effective for our procedures. Everyone experiences pain differently. Most people experience some discomfort, from very mild to moderate, comparable to tweezing. This varies according to each individual’s pain threshold.


Q: What if I want to change the color after the procedure?
A: No problem! Permanent makeup works to enhance your natural beauty so that you look good all the time. It is applied in the skin and you can always apply conventional makeup on the skin to create the desired look.

Q: Is it safe?
A: If proper sterilization and sanitary guidelines are met, permanent cosmetics should be completely safe. These guidelines include the following:
  • All needles should be new and sterile for each client. In our clinic, we use only disposable needles and machine parts.
  • Gloves should be new for each client and changed during the procedure when needed.
  • Technician should be clean and neat and knowledgeable of environmental safety requirements. Our clinic strictly follows the OSHA guidelines for disease control.
  • Clean sheets should be used for each client.
  • Treatment area should be in an area free from other contaminants.


Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: Times varies with each individual. It takes our experienced technician an average of one hour for each procedure which is not including the time it takes to make sure the client is numb.



Q: What’s the recovery time?
A: You may go back to work right after the procedure, however with eyeliner our technician recommends a short period of recover time due to swelling of the eyelid. The color looks 20-30% stronger than the final result of the liner and 40-50% stronger of the eyebrow. It takes about 5- 7 days for the skin to completely heal and 7 – 14 days for the color to completely resurface. Your technician will go over your approximate healing schedule on what to expect and when, as well as receiving more information to take home with you.



For any further questions or to set up a consultation, please feel free to call! Jessie will be glad to answer any other questions that you may have!